What Clients Say

testimonial pic - Dr. Collins Odote , Nairobi Kenya

Dr. Collins Odote , Nairobi KenyaNovember 2018

‘I started looking for a car in the middle of 2016. A frie...
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testimonial pic - Peter Njuguna, Nairobi Kenya

Peter Njuguna, Nairobi KenyaNovember 2018

‘I have always wanted a vehicle from the UK but unfortunat...
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testimonial pic - Eddie Mallit, Nairobi, Kenya

Eddie Mallit, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

'My experience with UK RoadRunner was excellent. Frank was v...
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testimonial pic - Polycarp Onyango ,Nairobi, Kenya

Polycarp Onyango ,Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘Most reliable service. UK RoadRunner has supplied me with...
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testimonial pic - Duncan Onduru

Duncan OnduruNovember 2018

‘I was importing a vehicle for the first time from the UK ...
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testimonial pic - TM Nairobi, Kenya

TM Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘Two months after moving to Kenya, I decided to import a c...
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testimonial pic - Brian Otieno ,Nairobi, Kenya.

Brian Otieno ,Nairobi, Kenya.November 2018

‘I wanted to buy a Land Rover Discovery and saved up just ...
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testimonial pic - Lydia Chela , Nairobi, Kenya

Lydia Chela , Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘To Frank and the entire UK RoadRunner! I must say that yo...
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testimonial pic - Sam Anyona , Nairobi, Kenya

Sam Anyona , Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘UK RoadRunner was recommended to me as a reliable and str...
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testimonial pic - Gatuku D, Nairobi, Kenya 

Gatuku D, Nairobi, Kenya November 2018

‘I would like to appreciate the excellent customer experie...
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testimonial pic - LA, Nairobi, Kenya

LA, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘UK RoadRunner simplified the process of purchasing and im...
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testimonial pic - Joel Njue, Nairobi,Kenya

Joel Njue, Nairobi,KenyaNovember 2018

‘A token of appreciation for the good Job UK RoadRunner di...
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testimonial pic - Nick Mutogoh, Nairobi, Kenya  

Nick Mutogoh, Nairobi, Kenya  November 2018

‘I wanted a small family car, my first car. I had a small ...
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testimonial pic - Gregory Ohanya, UK

Gregory Ohanya, UKNovember 2018

‘UK RoadRunner provided me with a first class door to door...
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testimonial pic - Simon Gaitara , Mombasa, Kenya

Simon Gaitara , Mombasa, KenyaNovember 2018

‘I want to say a "big" thank you for exemplary service I r...
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testimonial pic - Andrew Aggrey Awilly

Andrew Aggrey AwillyNovember 2018

‘My journey towards owning a German machine was a long one...
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testimonial pic - Edward Chege Waweru, Nairobi, Kenya

Edward Chege Waweru, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘Being the saving Kenyan I am, as a rule, I do not buy car...
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testimonial pic - Serah Njeru - Wachira, Nairobi

Serah Njeru – Wachira, NairobiNovember 2018

I bought my Mercedes C Class through UK RoadRunner, the proc...
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testimonial pic - Jacci Ngigi,  Nairobi, Kenya

Jacci Ngigi, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘I must admit, being Kenyan and all and especially after t...
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testimonial pic - Lucas Kosen, Nairobi, Kenya

Lucas Kosen, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘I met Frank of UK RoadRunner through a mutual friend over...
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testimonial pic - George Okumu, Kabul, Afghanistan.

George Okumu, Kabul, Afghanistan.November 2018

‘I work and live in Kabul – Afghanistan. A friend and a ...
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testimonial pic - Isaac Watkins, Mombasa, Kenya

Isaac Watkins, Mombasa, KenyaNovember 2018

‘From the day I contacted UK RoadRunner, Frank attended to...
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testimonial pic - Jacky Amenya, Nairobi, Kenya

Jacky Amenya, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘We found out about UK RoadRunner on the net as we sought ...
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testimonial pic - Musalia Kihamba, Nairobi, Kenya

Musalia Kihamba, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘I purchased a Volkswagen Touareg through UK RoadRunner in...
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testimonial pic - Duncan Maina, Nairobi, Kenya 

Duncan Maina, Nairobi, Kenya November 2018

‘I recently imported a RAV 4 from UK through UK Roadrunner...
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testimonial pic - Clement Onyango, Nairobi, Kenya

Clement Onyango, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘At first I was sceptical about importing a car owing to n...
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testimonial pic - Jesse Wambugu,Nairobi

Jesse Wambugu,NairobiNovember 2018

‘I recently imported a car through UK RoadRunner and it wa...
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testimonial pic - Mary Maina, Thika, Kenya 

Mary Maina, Thika, Kenya November 2018

‘My experience of importing a car from the UK was simply a...
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testimonial pic - Keith Gretton, Nairobi, Kenya.

Keith Gretton, Nairobi, Kenya.November 2018

''Working with UK RoadRunner to buy a car in UK and transfer...
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testimonial pic - Nick Bateman,Nairobi, Kenya

Nick Bateman,Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

“I’d like to thank you for a great job! You guys took aw...
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testimonial pic - Jack Omoro, Nairobi,Kenya 

Jack Omoro, Nairobi,Kenya November 2018

"This letter is long overdue and I just wanted to thank you...
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testimonial pic - Chrisant Kaloki, Nairobi, Kenya

Chrisant Kaloki, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘I greatly appreciated UK RoadRunner services, professiona...
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testimonial pic - Celestine Wamiru, Nairobi, Kenya

Celestine Wamiru, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

“I imported my Ford Focus Sport car and a Suzuki Burgman m...
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testimonial pic - E Wekesa Mukuusi

E Wekesa MukuusiNovember 2018

‘Awesome experience, from vehicle identification to physic...
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testimonial pic - Verah Moraa, Nairobi 

Verah Moraa, Nairobi November 2018

‘Buying my BMW X3 from UK RoadRunner was a really smooth e...
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testimonial pic - Jacob Otsyula, Nairobi, Kenya

Jacob Otsyula, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘I used Roadrunner to import my Mercedes E280. I received ...
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testimonial pic - Paul Kyule M.

Paul Kyule M.November 2018

‘I absolutely cannot say enough about my wonderful experie...
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testimonial pic - Harry Ndirangu

Harry NdiranguNovember 2018

‘I am probably one the most qualified to attest to and vin...
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testimonial pic - Robert Nyanchoga, Nairobi, Kenya

Robert Nyanchoga, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘I met Frank through a mutual friend some years back and h...
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testimonial pic - Patricia Malili, Nairobi, Kenya.

Patricia Malili, Nairobi, Kenya.November 2018

‘Importing my superb Mercedes E220 through UK Roadrunner w...
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testimonial pic - Edward Denge

Edward DengeNovember 2018

'I have a wonderful BMW X3, thanks to Roadrunner. I could no...
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testimonial pic - Nelson Warambo, Nairobi, Kenya

Nelson Warambo, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘Roadrunner provided me with a very high quality and perso...
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testimonial pic - Gideon Gonzi, Nairobi, Kenya.

Gideon Gonzi, Nairobi, Kenya.November 2018

‘It was a worthy course dealing with Roadrunner from sourc...
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testimonial pic - Richmond Ogutu, Nakuru, Kenya

Richmond Ogutu, Nakuru, KenyaNovember 2018

‘I bought a VW-JETTA via UK RoadRunner and was very well i...
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testimonial pic - Andrew Kang’ethe, Nairobi, Kenya

Andrew Kang’ethe, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘My experience with Roadrunner is one I can describe in fo...
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testimonial pic - Shaddie OBUNGA

Shaddie OBUNGANovember 2018

‘I sought to import a BMW X5, having imported all my previ...
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testimonial pic - A Mola, Juba, South Sudan

A Mola, Juba, South SudanNovember 2018

'When the thought of importing a car went through my mind, I...
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testimonial pic - P Mbagaya

P MbagayaNovember 2018

'Swift and hastle free vehicle importation....! It definitel...
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testimonial pic - Nicholas Mwilu, Nairobi, Kenya

Nicholas Mwilu, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

'Importing my Mercedes Benz E270 through RoadRunner was simp...
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whychoose - Sam Anyona, Nairobi, Kenya

Sam Anyona, Nairobi, KenyaJuly 2018

‘UK RoadRunner was recommended to me as a reliable and str...
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whychoose - Christine Ambetsa, Nairobi, Kenya

Christine Ambetsa, Nairobi, KenyaJune 2018

I imported my Lexus RX300 from Roadrunner UK in December 201...
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whychoose - George Okumu, UNAMA Afghanistan

George Okumu, UNAMA AfghanistanMay 2018

‘I work and live in Kabul – Afghanistan. A friend and a ...
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whychoose - C Charo, Nairobi, Kenya

C Charo, Nairobi, KenyaApril 2018

  'I would like to acknowledge and appreciate the qu...
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