‘I wanted to buy a Land Rover Discovery and saved up just enough to buy the vehicle. I sourced for one locally and I couldn’t get what I was looking for. I talked to a friend who had previously used UK RoadRunner who gave me their contacts. I contacted Frank via WhatsApp, he shared a few cars for me to look at, all of which I liked.

At one point I opted for a VW Touareg but UK RoadRunner sent me that dream car I was looking for, a Land Rover Discovery green in color!

Then the elephant in the room, how do I pay a company I had never dealt with before? This was a difficult decision but having being introduced by a past client who is a friend I was happy to deal. UK RoadRunner carried out checks and bought the car and before it was shipped, I requested for a few upgrades – front grill and tail gate lights. Frank facilitated the upgrade to perfection, serviced the car and shipped it as agreed.  Fantastic service on their end.

I got a great machine at an affordable price and within my budget. On arrival in Mombasa, James was very professional, I paid the duty and received my car.

UK RoadRunner did it for me, efficient, honest and a great partner. I will always recommend Frank and his team. I’ll be buying a Mercedes soon and guess what, you will source it for me.’

Brian Otieno

Nairobi, Kenya.

January 2017