How it Works


Shipping a car to Kenya from UK

Shipping a car to Kenya couldn’t be easier!

There are lots of decisions to make when you are shipping a car from UK to Kenya. Which brand do you go for? What features does the car have and what about the purchase price, duty  and subsequent costs?

We source cars from the UK, Japan, Singapore and Thailand for shipping to Mombasa Kenya or other African countries. The used cars provided by our partners are the latest models – environmentally friendly cars with low fuel consumption. We search for the perfect vehicle to match each customer’s personal requirements and happily give advice on the various options available.

We find the vehicle that you require, selecting only the best cars available for shipping to Kenya. We carry out detailed checks on ownership, any finance that may be outstanding as well as any recorded accident history. We also ensure that the vehicle has had a good life and checkable service history before we arrange shipping to Kenya.

We handle all the necessary paper work, carry out any customisations that the customer may require and finally deliver your car in the best possible condition and quickest time.

Simply use our contact form.

Tell us about the vehicle

Once a customer completes our vehicle profiling form, listing the required specification as well as a maximum budget, our vehicle consultants will search for the perfect vehicle to match the customer’s personal requirements. We will then contact you with all the information that you need and if happy start the transaction process.