‘UK RoadRunner was recommended to me as a reliable and straightforward partner in procurement of vehicles from the UK.

We received our VW Touareg in excellent condition. The extras procured (space saver spare wheel and detachable tow bar) were all intact.

I must say that my experience with Frank in procuring two units – a VW Touareg and a Mazda 6 – vindicated this claim. He was very prompt in giving feedback and advice all along the process. In addition, he verified the conditions of the units in a timely manner and ensured seamless purchase from the UK and subsequent export; giving frequent updates of the progress of the units till they landed in Kenya.

UK RoadRunner therefore come highly recommended to anyone wishing to get a vehicle from the UK stress free and with an assurance as to the quality and integrity of their purchase’

Sam Anyona

Nairobi, Kenya

December 2016