‘I wanted a small family car, my first car. I had a small budget too. After searching online and reading through testimonials and various reviews, I finally settled for a European manual model preferably a VW or BMW.

Then I realised it is difficult and a little bit expensive to import from Europe to Kenya. Until I found UKRoadRunner online. I called and spoke to Frank, a superb guy based in the UK. He is the UK contact for the company. We discussed, at first I had doubts like we all do, worrying that I might lose my money but finally I decided to trust the company.

When I selected a golf from the UK market, he booked it for me by depositing his own money with the seller even before my cheque reflected in their account. He checked the car, ensured it was in good mechanical condition and safe. Thereafter he advised me to sit and relax.

He updated me precisely at every step of my car’s movement from UK to Mombasa. Each of the dates that he mentioned for instance, loading the vehicle to the ship and arrival in Mombasa were exact. None of the events occurred a day later than expected. He communicated through phone calls, email and WhatsApp.

I have never seen a guy committed to serving his customers. In Mombasa, the car was in the hands of James, another guy. He handled all the clearing while I sat at home. A few days later I went to collect my car, in perfect condition. I was so surprised that Kenyans can do such good business. I tend to believe the experience I had with Frank and James was God given, first class. I have never bought anything such hustle free. Thanks’

Nick Mutogoh

Nairobi, Kenya

November 2016