I imported my Lexus RX300 from Roadrunner UK in December 2012 and I had such an amazing, hassle and stress-free experience, receiving excellent customer service from the time the unit was identified to the time it landed. Frank really did a fantastic job and handled all the paper work and transactions. He provided timely updates and in a proactive manner, immediate feedback (like he would send pictures and shipment schedules) and update his every move. This was very transparent of him, a rare trait with car dealers.

One amazing thing he did was to remove all the valuables from the car (like the mats, cig lighter and car manual, which were all nearly brand new), and shipped the same before the car was shipped as he did not want these items to be lost at the port in Mombasa, I was very impressed by his proactivity and attention to such detail.

When the unit arrived he called and followed up, asked me how the unit was, and even later followed up to find out if I was enjoying the unit…Wow! Who does that…

Now this is what I call Customer Service, and I have since recommended a couple of my friends to Roadrunner UK who are equally happy with their experiences,

Kudos Roadrunner UK, Keep it up, I am definitely using you for my future units and I will keep recommending you to my friends’

Christine Ambetsa

Oracle Corporation

Nairobi, Kenya