‘My journey towards owning a German machine was a long one. Initially, I wanted a Passat or Mercedes.

I was not so sure of the car I wanted. But later own I was introduced to this fine gentleman who speaks better English than me, smart and very patient. He came to my office once and I thought he was a cool guy to deal with.

One thing I like in life is confidence, reliability and trust and I could see all these qualities in Frank.

He advised me on several cars and I looked at my budget which at that time could not afford the car I wanted. But six months later he still kept on sending me various units that were available and I settled on a VW Touareg.

Coming to the process of buying and shipping the car, I have never worked with a serious company like UK RoadRunner. Keeping you posted every single step of the journey making the whole process smooth seamless and stress free.

The car was delivered to me on time with all the accessories sent through DHL. The car was in an excellent shape and form and to date I can say I haven’t done much on the car except to fuel and ‘fly’

I have nicknamed my car Ondiek Jacoyange 777 Dreamliner for various reasons. Ondiek is a name reserved for the most respected persons in the luo community and that’s the respect I have for the guy and the company.

Jacoyange is the guy who took me through the whole process and he is a fine gentlemen in fact one in a billion. If all business men could be like him I think life would be less stressful.

777 Dreamliner is because I am a seventh born in my family and the car is a monster on the road. ‘It flies low’

I have since referred two clients to him who bought a Lexus -hybrid and Nissan Navara and they would definitely share the same sentiments’

Andrew Aggrey Awilly

SME Manager Stanbic Bank