‘I must admit, being Kenyan and all and especially after the horror stories I’ve heard concerning fraud in the Motor industry, I was apprehensive to place my trust in a stranger to source for me a Vehicle. I wanted to import my Vehicle from the UK and was looking for someone I could trust to conduct the business transaction in a professional and transparent manner. I looked around for businesses with contacts in the UK and I was referred to some. I contacted them and had conversations with their representatives here. As I was going through the vetting process, I happened to see an advert for UK RoadRunner on Facebook and decided to check them out. I scrutinized their Facebook page and all I could see was a Business with a lot of good will from past customers, very transparent too.

I got in touch with Frank via email and he responded quickly, thus our business engagement started. As luck would have it, Frank was on a brief visit to Nairobi a few weeks later and we met for coffee. I saw an honest, transparent and professional person and my fears were quickly put to rest. From then on the transaction progressed quickly, he walked with me as I identified the vehicle, advising me along the process. He then vetted the vehicle I had identified and advised me that it was in good condition for importation. Frank arranged for all the necessary documentation required and ensured everything was in order and within 4 weeks the vehicle was in Mombasa. The transaction was seamless, not a single hiccup.

I’m a very satisfied customer and I would highly recommend UK RoadRunner to anyone looking to import a car from the UK’.

Jacci Ngigi

Nairobi Kenya