‘I work and live in Kabul – Afghanistan. A friend and a colleague introduced me to Frank who runs UK RoadRunner. That colleague was importing his second vehicle from UK using UK RoadRunner.

In November 2014, I contacted UK RoadRunner. Frank was ready and forthright in his response. Unlike many businessmen with flowery talk, Frank was modest, and left me to decide on what I really wanted. He assisted me with links to cars which he thought may appeal to me. After checking, I picked two cars, Frank checked both the two vehicles out and professionally advised me to go for the 2nd one – with reasons!

I found UK RoadRunner to be very honest! I wired more money than the actual cost of the vehicle I was purchasing. I was sent an itemised list of how my money was going to be spent. Every cent was accounted for and I got a refund in excess of Kenya shillings – 1.5 million!

UK RoadRunner updated me on a weekly basis and ensured that the vehicle was processed and cleared at the Mombasa Port in record time. As I drove from Mombasa to Nairobi, Frank called me to find out how my newly acquired Range Rover Sport drives. For me, that was a sign of reassurance, a sign of faith and trust in ones work. I had a smooth and painless transaction with UK RoadRunner while importing my Range Rover Sport. I invite you to experience the same’