‘I am probably one the most qualified to attest to and vindicate Roadrunner UK’s trustworthiness, honesty and professionalism in acquisition and exportation of motor vehicles from UK.

I stumbled on Roadrunner UK on the Internet and on enquiry, i surprisingly talked with the gentleman who I later came to know as Frank, the Chief Executive of Roadrunner UK, a Kenyan living in UK.

To build my trust he emailed five references (past customers) who all affirmed the trustworthiness, honesty and professionalism of Roadrunner UK. One of the references – The Chairman of Nairobi Golf Association as a matter of fact, offered to refund me my money if by any chance my deal with Roadrunner would be frustrated. That’s how Roadrunner UK’s clientele hold it in high esteem.

Once I identified the vehicle, Roadrunner swung into action and kept me regularly updated throughout the process.

In a nutshell, I eventually imported my wonderful Lexus Hybrid through Roadrunner.

A month later he visited Nairobi and we had a sumptuous lunch together!

My future imports of motor vehicles, machinery and spares will be definitely through Roadrunner UK.

I highly recommend anybody planning to import motor vehicles from UK/Europe hustle free to consider Roadrunner UK. You will have no sleepless nights, worries, fear or anxiety, but blessed assurance, a pure bliss!’


Lt. Col.(ven.) Harry Ndirangu,

Principal Chaplain (PROT),