‘Being the saving Kenyan I am, as a rule, I do not buy cars locally and always go the importation route. This can be very tricky because you do not get to see the car and test drive it yourself. In the past I have imported from Japan numerous times. This time I decided to get the Land Rover Discovery and my only option was UK. I got in touch with Frank of UK Road runner, I identified the car with his help and after reviewing almost 20 cars, we settled on one, he carried out all checks including a drive test and sent additional pictures that he had taken himself. This gave me confidence that he knew what he was doing and I was dealing with the right person.

Furthermore, they have a contact here in Kenya and you can choose to make payment directly to their CFC Stanbic Bank account here in Kenya either in KES, USD or GBP.

I received the car in good condition despite the one or two serviceable issues that you will find with all cars used cars. Frank has been helpful in getting service parts from UK and with proper planning this is the best way to go as the saving is unimaginable.

I also met Frank in person during one of his visits to Kenya and he is as reliable and trustworthy as it gets and being a Kenyan he understands the needs and will advise accordingly’

Edward Chege Waweru

Nairobi Kenya