Top Selling SUVs in Kenya

Top selling SUVs in Kenya & EA. In the Kenyan market, SUVs are a very common vehicle type. Sports Utility Vehicles in Kenya and EA have provided use-ability in various respects including long-distance travelling, off-road enthusiasm and even political class personnel have used this vehicle type commonly.

UK RoadRunner reviews some of the most popular compact and full-size SUVs in the region, and why these vehicles are top selling SUVs in Kenya.

The popularity of these vehicles is merited to their price points, performance and ease of servicing and maintenance.

Toyota Land Cruiser (V8), Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Toyota Harrier/Lexus

The Toyota SUV line may easily be the top selling SUV in Kenya market by a great margin and presence. From corporate and high-level personnel in government, to 4×4 enthusiasts and family car seekers. The Toyota SUV group has a very diverse and flexible array of vehicle models, each having an appeal of its own to the respective buyer.

The Toyota Land Cruiser V8 being the most powerful of the lot, is common among corporate individuals in its newer models. Older Land Cruiser V8s are often well maintained and utilized by 4×4 enthusiasts and even regular families across the country.

Land Cruiser v8 - Top Selling SUVs in Kenya

The SUV provides a 7-seater capacity and a turbocharged V8 engine usually ranging in capacity from 4000cc up to 5700cc. With an adjustable ride height in the newer models and a remarkable 4×4 drivetrain, the V8 provides top tier Toyota 4×4 Performance with a price point to match.

The Land Cruiser Prado is another top selling SUV in the Kenya. Being another counterpart in the Land Cruiser Series, the Land Cruiser Prado takes up the role of being the smaller sibling to its superior, having smaller engine capacities of between 2700cc to 4000cc.

Land cruiser Prado - Top Selling SUVs in Kenya

Providing almost Carbon Copy interior and Exterior design dynamics to the Land Cruiser V8, the Prado provides full-size SUV comfort and slightly lower performance; with it’s highest engine cylinder count being the V6 engine models.

Toyota Harrier. This mid-size crossover SUV is another common vehicle on the Kenyan roads. Rebadged as the Lexus RX; this vehicle comes as a 2WD drivetrain option with engine capacity ranges from 2000cc to 2500cc.

harrier - Top Selling SUVs in Kenya harrier 2 - Top Selling SUVs in Kenya

Toyota Harrier model variants also come with hybrid and turbo options. This vehicle is common for its mid-range performance and appropriate mid-range price points for a mid-sized SUV.

Land Rover Discovery & Range Rover Sport

Land Rover/Range Rover have solidified their position and poise in the SUV market. In Kenya, they are among the top selling luxury line SUV units for the Range Rover as well as family cars for the Discovery Series.

Land Rover Discovery Series. Common on Kenyan roads as a family car is the renown Discovery series. From series 1 to 4, each level of Discovery has had a signature fit in the family size SUV; with the exception of the latest Discovery classified as a mid-sized luxury SUV.

discovery 4 - Top Selling SUVs in Kenya 2018 discovery - Top Selling SUVs in Kenya Discovery 3 - Top Selling SUVs in Kenya

With engine capacities widely ranging from the Discovery 4’s 2700cc to 3000cc range, to the discovery 3’s 4000cc models, Land Rover provide their enthusiasts with enough options for their units. The discovery is common for its family-size capacity as well as it’s smooth and comfortable running both on-road and off-road.

Range Rover Sport Series. These SUVs are top selling as the luxury line SUVs in Kenya. The Range Rover series equipped with Jaguar engines offers top-notch supercharged performance. Covering this powerful heart is an intricate design that is signature to the Range Rover Sport series.

range Rover Sport - Top Selling SUVs in Kenya

Stocky and edgy with a robust front and rear bumpers give this SUV an aggressive exterior to match the power etched in its performance. This model is common among Kenyans seeking luxury line SUV features, with model variants and autobiography options providing even more intricate customization options in that regard.

Volkswagen Touareg

The VW SUV vehicles offer great versatility in performance and design. The mid-size SUV Touareg and Compact Crossover Tiguan display commonalities in being a top selling mid-SUV in the Kenyan Market.

touareg - Top Selling SUVs in Kenya 2019 touareg - Top Selling SUVs in Kenya

The VW Touareg offers a package of flexibility both off-road and on-road. Being the flagship model SUV for the Volkswagen range, it provides a great detail of SUV versatility in space and performance. The vehicle comes with a 3.0L V6 engine with TDI option at base level. Other rating models include their 2.5 R5 TDI as well as their 5.0L v10 engine which was produced between 2002-2010. With 5 seats and a large trunk capacity, the Touareg offers a great combination of design and performance elements to deliver one of the most common and versatile SUVs on roads today. This makes it in KEnya one of the top selling SUVs with regard to the Volkswagen brand and image.

Porsche Cayenne (Cayenne S & Cayenne turbo)

For top selling SUVs in Kenya with regards to sports enthusiasm, Porsche Cayenne takes the pole position. The Porsche Cayenne is the epitome of sport’s meshed with Utility and Versatility. The company has been able to deliver a flagship model SUV with the performance grade of a sports car as reputable by their previous and current models of other car types. The vehicle starts from £45,000 – £123,349 a price to match its top tier characteristic.

wp2676980 - Top Selling SUVs in KenyaThe entry level vehicle comes with a 3-litre V8 turbo-charged engine to deliver a performance level like no other SUV in this price bracket. The Cayenne is a clean cut combination of Porsche’s sports design elements, with the interior having front row bucket seas and the exterior displaying a robust and nostalgic look to the Porsche Brand enthusiast.

The vehicle fits the description of being a performance-level SUV, with the practicality to match it’s functionality in regard to utility.

Honourable top selling SUVs in Kenya:

The above form the top tier range of the top selling SUVs in Kenya today.

We’ve included the below models as honourable mentions of SUVs common to the Kenyan and East African Market, follow the links below for extensive articles and information about the vehicle models.

  • Rav4
  • Mazda CX-Series
  • Mitsubishi Pajero & Shogun
  • Subaru Forester
  • Nissan X-trail
  • Audi Q-Series

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