Buying used cars in Kenya

It is a norm to buy second hand cars in Kenya and East Africa. People often buy used cars in Kenya locally. Others opt to import from various countries globally.

However, buying used cars locally is not always ideal.

Used cars in Kenya

Locally used cars are bought from dealerships, individuals or vehicle acquisition companies. The dynamics of buying used cars in Kenya however make the possibilities seamless. With the state of Kenyan roads, it is often common to obtain a used car that is depleted. Some of the vehicles usually have very high mileages, with inefficient fuel consumption. The used cars in rural areas of the country are also victims of clock-rewinds. Odometer readings are often reversed to portray a low mileage vehicle on an essentially high mileage car.

Ideally the processes and avenues for obtaining locally used cars are more often than not murky waters. The uncertainty is great and the chances of getting a good vehicle are equally as possible as getting even a written-off car.

Used cars from other countries(UK/Japan/Singapore)

Used cars from the UK for example have often low mileages and are efficient in running compared to their locally used counterparts. Because of the nature of most UK roads being well constructed, it is evident that UK cars offer efficiency in that regard. Used UK cars are often found to be in pristine conditions. Needless to say even lower mileage options present clients with almost brand new car features more often.

Importing from the UK is an option. The process begins with obtaining a car from the desired international country. This vehicle needs to adhere to import laws and policy on years as well as engine size; specific to the country where the car is to be imported.

Used cars in Kenya are more often than not of high mileage, and prone to mechanical issues. People who buy used cars in Kenya tend to have more complaints. This being relative to the road conditions and often strenuous driving on the car. This creates a niche market of people who would rather obtain imports from abroad, which have been utilized on better roads.

The vehicles are also significantly of lower mileages and less mechanical issues; and they often include their MOT(Ministry of Transport) reports that clearly show the service history of the cars.

Why buy used cars from UK

Relative to your European brand needs, the  UK is a good market  to source for European vehicle brands. Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and Land Rover/Range Rover just to name but a few. They are common vehicle brands in the UK region. UK cars within these brands are easy to get consisting a wide range of options that are budget specific/requirement specific.

It’s common to source used UK cars for this matter, being that as the vehicles have also been utilized on good roads and with efficient fuel. To buy used UK cars in Kenya is a simple process. Procedures are carried out via acquisition and importation services.

Why buy used cars from Japan

To import used cars from Japan is also relative to the models of vehicles that one is seeking. Japanese cars are often consistent with Japanese models, though they occasionally stock European cars. Subaru, Toyota, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Isuzu. These are some of the common vehicles one may find stocked on the Japanese marketed vehicles on our website. Vehicles sourced are of low mileage and high quality exteriors/interiors. Used Japan cars offer a cheaper alternative to buy used cars in Kenya other than the locally available options.

Import with UKRoadRunner

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UKRoadRunner Sold Ford

To buy used cars in Kenya, as an option, UKRoadRunner provides importation of used cars from the UK.

UK RoadRunner gives access to get internationally used cars. To do this we provide the service of importing cars to Kenya from the UK. It is easy to buy and import used cars to Kenya and we provide top class sourcing and importation services.

What sets us apart from the rest of our competitors, is that we have direct representation in the UK. This includes vehicle inspection and service history reports on all our cars. UK RoadRunner sources cars tuned to the specific needs of the client. We have a clear guide on how to go about this.

To buy quality used cars from the UK and import to Kenya, we ensure our client’s preferences are met. This is specific to mileage, interiors, extra features, exteriors, fuel dynamics and even model variants.

We give our clients a transparent and efficient means to import cars to Kenya, from the UK. We are keen on efficiency, reliability and integrity.

The process

UK RoadRunner provides a standard vehicle acquisition and importation experience. We have in place a standard procedure of operations that gives our client the best and most efficient service of vehicle importation. To buy used cars in Kenya from UK/Japan/Singapore one has to follow the procedure of:

Informing your perspective of what vehicle you’d like. If all you have is a rough idea, we have a dedicated team to help guide you on choosing an option.

You may call us directly or email us for a quote or general inquiry once the vehicle of choice has been made, .

UK RoadRunner’s sales representatives are ready and attentive to source the best option for your budget on an immediate basis.

The sales representative will then relay to the client all available options for their request.

A choice made by the client on the options further informs the sales representative to contact our reference in the UK.

UKRoadrunner personally inspects the vehicle via our UK reference and all service history reports confirming the car is in good condition.

UK RoadRunner Ltd. handles the logistics of servicing the car’s stocking onto ships/vessels to Mombasa.

UK RoadRunner provides concise information to track your order and shipment, as well as its estimated time of arrival.

The final stage of the procedure involves us servicing the clearance of the vehicle at the port. At this point is communication to the client on how to go about collection.

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