Porsche Cayenne Review

Porsche have had a strong reputation in sports car manufacturing. They have been able to engineer a wide range of sports car options and their venturing into the SUV market being yet another achievement in their line of work. In Kenya, it isn’t uncommon to see a Porsche Cayenne in the suburban regions as it is reputable as a top line sports SUV.

With price points ranging from £45,000 – £123,349 (carbuyer reference) this SUV comes with a price-point to match it’s bespoke nature.

Features: Interior & exterior

porsche cayenne turbo s drivers side view door open - Porsche Cayenne Review

The Cayenne’s wholesome design is a remarkable well-meshed combination of sports performance and comfort. Equipped with air suspension and typically lower seats than your average SUV, the Cayenne delivers a comfortable sporting feel. Air conditioning and zoned climate control also make this a very pleasant drive.

porsche cayenne gts import vehicle 12 - Porsche Cayenne Review

The driver’s view is populated by the large central speedometer and rev counter. In addition to this is a very attractive center console infotainment system.

The 5-seat capacity provides a roomy second row with a high build quality and intricate stitching on the leather seats.

2015 Porsche Cayenne S rear seat - Porsche Cayenne Review

Consumption & performance

Porsche’s engine, drive and performance are entirely attributed to the concentration on creating a sports-performance SUV. With this in mind, the Cayenne is a perfect embodiment of the ingenuity and innovation in Porsche’s engineering. The vehicle comes with 5 on-road driving modes, and electrically operable anti-roll bars and rear-wheel steering. Consequently, this provides a top of the line standard of grip and performance.

The vehicles at entry level come equipped with a 3litre V8 turbo-charged engine with 335bhp. The model variant Cayenne S comes at a slightly lower capacity of 2.9litres, but with a second turbocharger for an overall stronger vehicle.

Cayenne Turbo models come with a V8 engine and 4.0litre engine, being the powerful flagship model variant in the series.

The Porsche Cayenne is a relatively high maintenance car, this relative to its immense power and significant weight. The high-performance SUV requires besides the regular fuel expense a regular maintenance, and costly consumable parts. Moreover, it is significantly costly to insure. It is however not unlikely to resell the vehicle as the entry level models depreciate relatively slower than most SUVs.

Pros & Cons


  • Top Tier SUV performance
  • Commendable and practical handling
  • Reputable for having everyday practicality


  • High maintenance and running costs
  • Series doesn’t show variance in the models’ looks
  • The Cayenne is only available in 5-seat options; atypical to the SUVs 7-seater option inclusive.

Where to Source / UK RoadRunner sources for this vehicle

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Porsche Cayenne reviews (Videos)

For a more detailed view of the Porsche Cayenne, view the clips below with Mark Watson and James Batchelor from carbuyer.co.uk detailing the 2014 and 2019 model’s features and information.

2014 review:

2019 review:

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