High-quality used cars from abroad

Importing high-quality used cars in Kenya is not without its own shortcomings. If not done correctly, it is very easy to import vehicles that were either previously written off or in bad condition.

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To import high-quality used UK and Japan cars, there are quality checks which the vehicles are run through. In addition to general checks, quality checks better inform the decision to buy a specific car.

UK and Japan quality checks

High quality cars in Kenya from UK:

Buyers seeking high quality cars in Kenya from the UK require vigilance for quality assurance. In the UK, vehicles run through MOT (Ministry of Transport) tests. They determine a number of quality issues. In detail, he MOT test is an annual exercise testing vehicle safety, road-worthiness as well as car exhaust emissions. Most vehicles over 3yrs old require MOT tests.

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The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is responsible for creating the guidelines necessary for MOT tests.

Vehicles that adhere to DVSA guidelines qualify for MOT test certificates.

Therefore, vehicles with passed MOT tests and issues certificates are more often than not eligible for export from the UK.

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As shown above it is possible to import high quality cars to Kenya from the UK.

High quality cars in Kenya from Japan:

QISJ (Quality Inspection Services Japan) enhances sourcing of high-quality used cars in Japan. Buyers seeking high quality cars in Kenya from Japan often buy cars that go through QISJ. In essence QISJ handles vehicle inspection to determine:

Vehicle road-worthiness inspection

Verification of Conformity to standards

Document verification and authentication

Radiation inspection

Bio security inspection

Vehicle history check

Odometer verification

QISJ is globally renowned with its services internationally as well. Consequently, vehicles that undergo QISJ inspections are of high-quality and with all details of their history included.

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In the light of the services described by QISJ, it is possible to import high-quality cars to Kenya from Japan.

UK RoadRunner Ltd. imports only high-quality used cars

UK RoadRunner Ltd. prides itself with providing the most trustworthy service of importing high quality cars to Kenya. Correspondingly, in order to guarantee our imports are of the highest quality, we have direct representation in the UK.

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We have our vehicles personally inspected and checked as well as MOT tests checked and verified. Furthermore, with our unmediated direct vehicle sourcing, UK RoadRunner provides the best low-mileage and aesthetically pristine units for import. Also, our Japanese units comply with all QISJ checks.

Given the above we ensure our clients receive only the highest quality of units from abroad.

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