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News on imports to Kenya:

There has been an imminent rise in the number of imports on second-hand cars in November. This pertains to people trying to beat the 8-year age limit rule.

December 31st being the last day for 2012 manufactured cars to be cleared into the country, many importers and dealers are rushing to clear their imports and update their databases to the 2013 vehicles.

News on imports to Kenya from The Star. At least 4 ships ferrying motor vehicles are expected to dock at the MSA port around Dec 10th.(

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The Star Ke gives news on used car imports

CIAK chairman said imports at the end of the year usually shoot up to about 15,000 units. This opposed to the low-import rate in the beginning months of the year.

In addition to this, there is drastic increase in vehicle imports at the end of the year. News on imports to Kenya state that people rush to clear their vehicle’s that are within the age-limit rule.

Kenya Auto Bazaar Association said the selling of used imported cars in 2019 has not been good. This due to the tough economic environment.

The Chairman of the association iterated that there is a liquidity problem, and what the association witnessed is low sales for the 2019 year.

UK RoadRunner LTD import news to Kenya is always updated

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With all these dynamics in mind, UK RoadRunner is constantly updating their vehicle database and news on imports to adhere with the age-limit rule.

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We prepare for early-year imports and ensure that our clients can get end year deals. Moreover, imports that are still purchased within the current year have deals for our clients.

We’ve got deals on 2013 imports. For more news on imports to Kenya or information on how to import to Kenya visit our how it works page.

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