How much fuel does my vehicle consume?

Fuel consumption is one of the primary things that is considered when thinking of investing in a vehicle. In Kenya, fuel dynamics are a very key and determining factor of some of the market dynamics of the vehicle industry. Fuel prices petrol and diesel play a huge role in determining what fuel type a car buyer will choose as well.

How much fuel the vehicle consumes, how much power for your buck as well as how many miles per gallon are some common questions asked in matters fuel.

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In Kenya, fuel economics have always been at the will of the government and its economics. Needless to say, there are many details(carbazaar article) described in the finances of fuel prices that are controlled by government. Moreover, because of this, buyers are often fine tuning their finances to suit the fuel economics when they think about buying a car.

From SUVs, to sedans, hatchbacks and commercial vehicles, there are often many things to consider about the fuel consumption you are getting or seeking to acquire.

For starters, the vehicle type will often determine what size of engine is available in the car. In addition to that, the engine’s size will also play a great contributing role in how the vehicle consumes fuel. These being at the very basic level, other factors such as the engine type, and features specific to certain vehicle brand engineering would be contributing to how the car behaves fuel-wise.

Your everyday average buyer however, is more concerned with the more basic perspective and fuel prices.

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Big-to-small fuel consumption ranges

The largest engine capacities and relatively the largest fuel consumption rates are found in heavy commercial vehicles, as well as some high-powered vehicle types (SUVs, Sedans and Sports Cars).

Large Capacity Engines

These vehicles come with engine capacities ranging between 4000c-6000+cc being the guzzlers of the bunch. Relative to their high engine capacity however is their sheer power and often high-torque affiliated vehicles. This range of engines will set the fuel consumption for your buyer at a very high stipend. This is of course relative to how much the client uses the car and how efficiently the car runs. These vehicles often prove most economical however when utilized to their ideal purpose; to carry heavy loads of work (fuel combustion) over long periods of time. Large capacity engines are often found in heavy commercial vehicles and long-distance/off-road designed SUVs. Vehicles in Kenya with such engines are also common to high fuel consumption rates.

Mid-range Capacity Engines

Mid-range engine sizes from 2000cc-3500cc. Often found in some mid-range SUVs, hatchbacks and sedans. These would put your client’s fuel consumption in the mid ranges. This would also mean relatively average miles per gallon and coverage in the mid-ranges for vehicles with engines of these sizes. These vehicles often provide a somewhat balanced mix of power in terms of their engine capacities still being well capable performance-wise and economically not as strenuous as the higher engine rating counterparts.

Small Capacity Engines

The smallest engines ranging 400cc up to 1800cc.  From motorbike’s engines to small sedans and small hatchback engine capacities. These would prove the most economy-friendly fuel consumption. The buyer would get their money’s worth as while a smaller vehicle is cheaper, it often proves to be very economical. This is especially for vehicles that run a lot in the city and run often short but frequent distances.

Vehicle manufacturing brands are also now keen on producing economically-friendly vehicles and the trend on fuel consumption will change drastically. It is therefore easier to choose a vehicle that is economically friendly even for the average car buyer.

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So, what should I buy?

When thinking of what vehicle to get in Kenya, a variety of the fuel cost dynamics can often be viewed at a glance. However,an advantage would be to seek advice from an advised team. The team should well recommend an economic and efficient purchase.

With UK RoadRunner, our team is ready and willing to provide you with the best options for your economic value. We work with your budget to find you the best value for your money when you acquire with us. For more information on buying a vehicle that is economically friendly, make a general inquiry with us today.

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