Why buy from UK RoadRunner

We provide a hassle-free door to door car importation service for cars from the UK, Japan, Singapore and Thailand. What sets us apart from our competitors is the very essence of UK RoadRunner’s efficiency, integrity and world class service standards defined in our operations.

WB2 - Why buy from UK RoadRunner

WB1 - Why buy from UK RoadRunner
G-Class Mercedes imported with UK RoadRunner

What sets us apart from others

In Kenya, UK RoadRunner has the edge of being at the forefront of top-notch service delivery and transparency. UK RoadRunner has a solid clientele base in the country for importation of executive vehicle models and high-end cars.when it comes to giving the best of class, style, efficiency and comfort, we are the best option. These are values which we greatly take into account in all aspects from the vehicle sourcing, to shipping & to handing over the keys to you.

  • We have direct representation in the UK. This includes a personalized pre-purchase car inspection, service history reports with all our cars and general due diligence undertaken to ensure a good purchase. Our cars are also specifically sourced to the tune of the client’s needs. We have a clear guide on how to go about this.
  • We undertake the entire process for you. Most noteworthy from sourcing to inspection, shipping and clearing of the cars when they get to Mombasa.
  • We provide our clients with a transparent and efficient service to import cars to Kenya from the UK and Japan.
  • We provide excellent customer service proving a truly world class car importation experience.

WB3 - Why buy from UK RoadRunner

With UK RoadRunner, all you have to worry about is your vehicle acquisition. Buying and shipping a car from abroad is seamless and very simple with us. We assure our clients of the highest standard of service and quality from the vehicle sourcing, to the vehicle’s inspection, it’s shipping and clearance at the port. UK RoadRunner takes away all the hassle and stress from shipping a vehicle from abroad.

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