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How to ship cars to Kenya. How do I ship cars to Kenya? The car shipping process is simple and clear, defined by strict laws and regulations.

It is easy to ship cars to Kenya. From large commercial trucks to sedans, saloon cars, to SUVs and even the most bespoke sports cars and bikes. The cars must however comply to the local regulations and laws which include:

  • You cannot import a car older than 8 years in the Kenyan Legislation
  • You can only import  RHD (Right Hand Drive) cars in Kenya
  • Vehicle must have undergone Quality Inspection in its country of origin

That’s it! The above are the only regulations you may be faced with in the car importation process. Once you have all these in mind, it is easy to begin shipping cars to Kenya.

In Kenya, it is more ideal to undertake the car shipping process through the insight of a vehicle acquisition and importation company. UK RoadRunner is one such company that provides the most efficient and most transparent avenue for undertaking the car importation process in Kenya.

Let us guide you on how to ship cars to Kenya with our team

  • We will find the car you want: For a client who has made a solid decision to ship a car, we provide the most receptive sales agents to help the client source a vehicle from abroad. Our team is keen on specifics. We like to provide our clients with the best options available for their budget.
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We Source for you quality vehicles with pristine condition interiors and exteriors
  • Discuss with our representative: our engaging sales representative will provide options based on the client’s specifications. Budget, mileage, colour, transmission, special features or extras are all taken into account during vehicle sourcing to ensure you get exactly what you need.

The sales representative will also guide you on the total cost and freight, taxes as well as clearance at the port. Service history reports for the car are also provided with vehicles from the UK.

  • Make your purchase: Once you are ready to make an purchase, we provide transparent invoices to give our client a clear view of where their costs are. We also provide the details of bank to make the payments to.
  • Track your order: We provide you with all the necessary information regarding the vessel name and its expected time of arrival (ETA) when you ship cars to Kenya with us.
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Track your vessel and know exactly when your vehicle will arrive
  • Clearance: We are primarily a vehicle acquisition and importation company.  We will ship your car directly to the port of Mombasa. Some of our clients opt to source their own clearing agents. You may use our services to clear your vehicle at the port (*at an extra cost*) and we have linkage to efficient car carrier services to transport your car to Nairobi. Alternatively, you may be forwarded to other clearing agents at the port to carry out clearance for yourself.

Simple as that! Let us be your team today and ship cars to Kenya or ship cars internationally from the UK/Japan/Singapore.

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    1. Hello, It is not possible. The shipping process takes about 5-6 weeks and by the time it lands and is cleared at the Mombasa Port, it will have exceeded the 8 years.

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