NTSA and KEBS adjust to COVID-19 pandemic

The global pandemic COVID-19 virus has caused a shift in dynamics of several industries. The vehicle acquisition and importation industry has also been affected by the pandemic as many laborers involved in operational procedures have been advised to distance from on the ground work. Relatively, there have been changes in the dynamics of vehicle inspection at the port.

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has communicated the involvement of 2 new inspection agents, in order to enhance efficiency as well as the still ongoing appointment of Quality Inspection services Japan (QISJ).

KEBS has communicated online and through public media their involvement in inspection at the port of entry used motor vehicles and spare parts imported from countries where QISJ, EAA are not contracted to provide inspection services.

image 2020 03 31T09 13 26 122Z - NTSA and KEBS adjust to COVID-19 pandemic

NTSA released a directive that all operations in the CFS would be suspended. This involving issuance of number plates and RFID stickers NTSA have also mentioned that online services will not be affected and will continue as such.
More information on their website.

NTSA Covid 19 notice - NTSA and KEBS adjust to COVID-19 pandemic

At UK RoadRunner Ltd we continue to provide our clients with access to vehicle acquisition and importation services even during this pandemic period. We ensure an efficient and seamless means of sourcing importing and clearing vehicles at the Mombasa Port from the UK, Japan and Singapore.

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