The allure of driving an imported car on Kenyan roads cannot be denied. Importing a car from the UK can be an appealing option for several reasons.  The imported car offers high specifications, unique features, and a wider range of trim levels, making it an attractive option for buyers seeking a premium vehicle at a competitive price. Also, being the second owner with checkable and verifiable maintenance and service history adds to its appeal. This translates into lower costs on spare parts and repairs over the long haul. However, importing a car to Kenya entails more than just choosing a vehicle and arranging for its shipment. We’ll walk you through the critical factors to consider when importing a car in this blog post, ensuring a smooth and informed experience. 

With UK RoadRunner on your side, importing a car becomes not only easier but also expertly guided and hassle-free. As a reputable name in the industry, UK RoadRunner specialises in making car importation to Kenya a simple process, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of driving your dream car while we handle the details behind the scenes.

1. Import Regulations and Legalities

Understanding the country’s import regulations is the first step in importing a car to Kenya. Import duties, taxes, and compliance standards vary depending on factors such as the age, type, and engine capacity of the vehicle. Before proceeding, conduct extensive research to ensure you have a clear understanding of the legal and Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) requirements and associated costs. UK RoadRunner keeps current with Kenyan import regulations, guiding you through duty, tax, compliance standards and other legal requirements. This knowledge ensures a smooth compliant import process.

2. Vehicle Selection

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Range Rover Imported from the UK by UK RoadRunner

When choosing a vehicle, it is important to consider your budget, needs, preferences, and intended use. Research the availability of spare parts and local expertise for maintenance and repairs of the chosen vehicle model. At UK RoadRunner, we import a wide range of original and OEM spare parts and accessories for European cars from the United Kingdom. We have genuine parts for all European brands at competitive prices, and our weekly delivery service ensures that you receive your parts quickly and without hassle.


UK RoadRunner has a wide selection of vehicles to suit your preferences and needs. Their knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting a vehicle that not only meets your needs but also aligns with your budget.


3. Budgets and Costs

Aside from the vehicle’s purchase price, there are additional costs associated with car importation. You must also factor in transport, QISJ inspection, insurance, HPI checks, shipping/freight charges, import duties, taxes, customs clearance, registration, and any necessary modifications to meet legal requirements. UK RoadRunner can help you create a comprehensive budget for importing a car. They will provide you with an estimate of all of the costs involved, so you can be sure that you are not surprised by any hidden fees.


4. Shipping and Logistics

Choosing a reputable shipping method and carrier is critical to ensuring the safe arrival of your vehicle. Investigate shipping companies with international vehicle freight experience and obtain detailed information on shipping routes, transit times, and marine insurance.

UK RoadRunner has an extensive network of shipping partners ensuring a safe and secure transportation of your vehicle. Their logistics expertise ensures your car arrives safely, alleviating all concerns about shipping methods and transit times.


5. Currency Exchange Rates

Currency exchange rate fluctuations have an impact on the cost of importing a car. Keep an eye on exchange rates and time your purchase to secure better pricing. UK RoadRunner monitors currency exchange rates, allowing you to time your purchase strategically and secure better rates from your preferred bank.


6. Documentation and Paperwork

Import Declaration Forms (IDF), Customs declarations, shipping documents, and compliance certificates are all required as part of the import process. It is critical to ensure that all documentation is accurate and complete to avoid delays and complications.

UK RoadRunner simplifies the car buying process by handling all the paperwork on your behalf. They keep you informed throughout the process and notify you in advance of each step, ensuring you have the necessary documents ready at all times This meticulous attention to detail minimises delays and streamlines the entire importation process.

7. Resale Value and Model Selection

Certain imported car models may have a higher resale value than others. This is due to factors such as brand reputation, market demand, maintenance and spare part availability. Conduct research and consult with experts to select a model that will hold its value in the local market.

The knowledge of UK RoadRunner goes beyond the import process; they understand the local market dynamics. With their advice, you can choose a vehicle that  meets your needs and also holds its value well in the Kenyan market.


Importing a car to Kenya can be a rewarding experience, providing access to a world of automotive possibilities. To ensure a successful and cost-effective experience, several factors must be carefully considered. You can avoid the complexities of importing by doing your research ahead of time.

With UK RoadRunner as your trusted partner, importing a car to Kenya becomes a simple and rewarding experience. You can confidently import your dream car by considering the essential factors of importation and leveraging their expertise. From ensuring compliance to providing cost transparency, UK RoadRunner is your  dedicated partner.  They will ensure that your journey into the world of imported cars is not only exciting but also seamless and informed, making it an enjoyable and stress-free experience.


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