Top selling sedans and saloons in Kenya

We review the top selling sedans and saloons in Kenya and EA, detailing some information on different luxury and executive sedan units. The Kenyan market and East African market for vehicles are very receptive of sedan models. Sedans and saloons populate the roads and often are preferred as the vehicle type when choosing a luxury vehicle to use.

Mercedes Benz C, E & S class

C-class:Mercedes C class image - Top selling executive sedans and saloons

The Mercedes Benz C-class is a reputable line within the Mercedes brand. One of the top selling sedans in Kenya, and one of the top selling saloons in East Africa region. Characterized by compact executive cars, the C-class has remained a very highly reputable entry-level Mercedes class in various markets. Leather interiors and high quality well-trimmed dashboards and gauge cluster hold true the appeal of the executive nature of the brand Mercedes. With newer models from the 2007-2014’s W204 to the 2014-present day’s W205, the vehicle has exhibited a sleek executive look with LED tail and headlights as well as aluminium architecture for the body, stiffened for safety. The vehicle comes in various engine ratings from 1800cc engines to up to 2600cc for some older models e.g. the C240. This vehicle provides drivers with a compact executive appeal and a mid-range price point to match, starting at £10,000 for a high-quality unit. Import C-class Mercedes with UK RoadRunner today by filling out our inquiry form.

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E-class:Mercedes E class scaled - Top selling executive sedans and saloons

The executive class rang E-Class of Mercedes offers drivers a mid-range Mercedes experience of executive appeal and performance to match. The four-door sedan also available in other types offers a wider wheelbase and generally longer vehicle span from bonnet to boot. The E-Class is popularised for its size and durability, with newer models boasting fuel economy improvements as well as updated safety features. The vehicles in this class come with LED daytime-running lights from the fourth generation onwards (2010 to present) and house engines with ratings from 2000cc upwards. This class of executive line vehicles hold Mercedes true to accountability for delivering an executive sedan. Price points for this vehicle start from £12,000 for high quality used units. Obtain a free quote for E-Class models from

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Mercedes S class - Top selling executive sedans and saloons

The highest line of full-size luxury sedans and limousines is defined as the S-Class. Being the flagship class of the Mercedes series, the vehicles in this class have ranked as the world’s best-selling luxury sedans. The 5th generation models onwards, i.e. 2006-present have exhibited top tier features of sleek rear-view mirrors, LED turn signals and lights, chrome strips accenting the body of the S-class models and impeccable interiors. The S-Class boasts having been popularized among high class personnel through its deliverance of a top-tier luxury sedan experience. Ideally among the top selling luxury sedans in Kenya, and one of the top selling luxury saloons in East Africa region. Engine ratings for this vehicle start heftily from 2000cc and up, with the vehicle’s performance being optimized to provide a powerful drive coupled with a luxury experience. This class of vehicles start at price-points of £60,000 for standard units, more accommodating budgets are bound to allow for more lux model options in this class.

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Audi A4 & A8 series

Audi A4:

Audi A4 - Top selling executive sedans and saloons

The Audi A4 is a series of compact executive cars by the Volkswagen Group subsidiary, Audi/ The vehicle consists of a front engine design, four-wheel drive in drivetrain. The four-door saloon comes with standard equipment detailing LED daytime running lights, a multimedia interface of driver information and entertainment systems, electronic hand brake and speed sensitive power steering. The A4 offers drivers a sporty exterior while still delivering the aesthetic of compact executive cars, detailing well-trimmed interiors, comfortable seats and conditioning. With engine ratings from 1800cc to 3000cc, the A4 offers a wide range of engine options with TDI engines for turbo enthusiasts and lower ratings for more fuel-efficient options. With price points from £12,000, one can obtain a high-quality Audi A4 unit with us. Contact us for more information on importing Audi A4 units.

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Audi A8:

Audi A8 - Top selling executive sedans and saloons

The A8 is a four-door full-size luxury sedan with a four-wheel drivetrain. The A8 comes with full LED headlamps with adaptive light and variable deadlight range control, enhanced multimedia interface, full navigation systems and driver assistance systems. At the heart of the vehicle are engines rating between 2800cc and 3000cc, housing V6 and V8 engines. The A8 is often perceived as a high-end headliner for the series of luxury and executive sedan cars as produced by Audi. The A8 is common among executive and luxury car enthusiasts, popular among Audi enthusiasts that seek a more bespoke design of interior luxury, exterior executive design and a performance rated driving experience. The Audi boasts at being one of the most sought brand-unique top selling executive and luxury saloon in Kenya. With Price points starting from £35,000, one can obtain a high quality low-mileage used unit. Import an Audi A8 with us today.

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Jaguar XF & XJ

Jaguar XF:Jaguar XF - Top selling executive sedans and saloons

The Jaguar XF is a four-door rear wheel drive executive sedan that provides drivers with premium luxury and stylistic design true to the Jaguar brand. The XF comes with air conditioning, a rotating gear shift dial rather than the conventional stick shifter and all trim levels featuring high quality leather. XF models come with engine ratings between 2000cc to 5000cc for their V8 models that also come with options that are supercharged and turbocharged. The XF offers drivers a compact executive driving experience while delivering a powerful performance with the engines in its range of models. With price points starting at £15,000, import your Jaguar XF with UK RoadRunner Ltd. today.

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Jaguar XJ:

Jaguar XJ - Top selling executive sedans and saloons

This full-size luxury sedan holds true to the nature of Jaguar that is performance and luxury in their design. The four-door vehicle has been featured in countless high-profile appearances and is more popular among luxury car enthusiasts. Jaguar fans are keen on details with the bespokeness within the design of Jaguar’s interior and exterior. Jaguar is easily a top selling sports executive sedan and saloon in Kenya. Jaguar being reputable in performance engines produced the XJ with options for engine ratings between 3000cc to 5000cc with supercharged and turbocharged options. This powerful engine mechanism coupled with the design and ingenuity in Jaguar’s luxury branding produced the XJ as their flagship luxury sedan model. Starting with price points from £20,000 one can get a high quality XJ model from the UK.

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BMW 3-series

BMW 3 series - Top selling executive sedans and saloons

The BMW 3-series is another compact executive sedan car that is believed to be BMW’s vest selling model. From the fifth generation of the series, inclusive of models such as E90, E93, as well as the sixth generation, including the F30, F31 and F34 models, BMW have stylized the 3-series to provide drivers with a compact executive sedan. Coming with ratings ranging from 2000cc to 3000cc, the 3-series is a BMW with performance rating to match its price-points starting from £15,000. The vehicle comes well equipped with myriads of features ranging from the various options and special models. Import a BMW 3-series with UK RoadRunner Ltd today.

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Honorable top selling sedans and saloons:

Some honorable mentions of top selling sedans and saloons in Kenya that may not have made these reviews:

  • Nissan Fuga
  • Nissan Skyline
  • Nissan Teana
  • Toyota Crown
  • Toyota Premio
  • Toyota Axion

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