KRA tax calculation

1 - KRA tax calculation
How much is the tax?

People looking to import vehicles are often concerned with matters of tax. “How much is the tax? KRA import tax calculator? How do I calculate import tax for a car?” Different countries have different tax regulations regarding vehicle imports. In Kenya, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is responsible for carrying out the regulation of import taxes. The KRA also specify and relay all specifics on tax regulations for vehicles to the public. KRA dictates the import tax calculation and revises their templates frequently.

2 - KRA tax calculation
Kenya Revenue Authority

In order to calculate the tax implications on a certain vehicle for import, there are very specific classifications of vehicles. There are also allocation of tax margins for each of the classes. Taxes on cars for import in Kenya vary according to the vehicle’s make and model, Current Retail Selling Price (CRSP), Engine Capacity, Fuel, Year of Manufacture, Drive Configuration, among other requirements disclosed by KRA to the buyer at point of valuation. KRA provide a detailed CRSP list on their website.

Duty calculator

To obtain the KRA import tax calculation, one needs to first obtain the vehicles’ CRSP as per the references given by KRA. Secondly, the CRSP is then cross-referenced to the valuation templates provided by KRA according to the vehicle’s engine size. The age of the car is also utilized at this point to valuate the vehicle’s depreciation.

The valuation template then calculates the grand total of the vehicle’s tax including the Import Duty, Excise Duty, VAT, Railway Development Levy, Import Declaration Form Fees. 

This grand total of the taxes combined with the vehicle’s Cost Insurance and Freight price gives the client a clear representation of how much it would cost to import their vehicle.

3 - KRA tax calculation
Avoid blurred price points and unclear valuation

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4 - KRA tax calculation

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