Top selling hatchbacks in Kenya

Top selling hatchbacks in Kenya as well as top selling station wagons in the region have a wide variety of characteristics. From the high-end brands producing some of the best hatchback models with luxury and stylistic design, to the mid-range performance level hatchbacks to the lower end small engine hatchbacks. We review the top selling hatchbacks in Kenya from various manufacturers and brands. We detail all necessary car information as well as how you may import one with us today.

Mercedes A-class

Classified as a subcompact executive car, the A class Mercedes hatchback models prove to be the perfect mesh of hatchback enthusiasm and engineering ability of Mercedes. With their models being high-end in rating from the exterior to interior design, to the performance of the car, the A class is popular among the wealthy Mercedes enthusiasts in Kenya. It is considered as Mercedes’ first compact executive car model.

The third-generation model A class (2013-2018) having being produced to compete directly with the BMW 1 series and the Audi A3, the Mercedes produced a robust and edgy design on the body of the car.

The interior features well-trimmed seats with the latest center console features of sat nav, Bluetooth, reverse cameras in some models among other quirks. In terms of performance, the A class Mercedes models come with engine ratings from 1600cc up to 2200cc, delivering a quickly reactive and high-performance spec hatchback.

The vehicle offers sports and hot-hatch enthusiasts a great feel of speed and stability even in its small demeanor. With price points beginning from £23,000 this high end hot-hatch from Mercedes gives drivers the best value of sports car and functionality in a hatchback. Import you’re a class Mercedes with us today.

a1 scaled - Top selling hatchbacks in Kenya

BMW 1series – 116i & 118i

Produced as a series of subcompact executive cars directly competing with rival models in Mercedes and Audi, the BMW 1 series currently in its 3rd generation is a popular hatchback in Kenya today. Being a front engine all-wheel and rear wheel drive options hot hatch, the 1 series provides its buyers with a minimalist design that holds true to the BMW aesthetic, while providing relatively economical and reliable engines.

The engines for this model include 4-cylinder diesel and 6-cylinder petrol with turbocharged options also being available. With ratings between 1600cc to 2000cc, the BMW hot hatch delivers a smooth drive and a well-powered engine to give its drivers a BMW experience with a minimal price-point to match. Starting from £15,000 for used models, you may import one with us by filling out our inquiry form.

3s - Top selling hatchbacks in Kenya

Subaru Impreza

The Subaru Impreza has been popularized as a top selling hatchback in Kenya. Subaru hold true to their reputation in rally as they design this performance spec hatchback. The Impreza has been popular on Kenyan roads as a daily car, as well as a race car for enthusiasts. This being characterized by the car’s ease of modification and addition of performance parts. Moreover, the Impreza also comes with performance spec engines in its WRX and STI model variants.

The vehicle’s interior and exterior design are the epitome of sports enthusiasm in a hot hatch, as the beastly front and robust rear with diffuser on the rear bumper and a pronounced tailgate. The interior features a well-trimmed interior with intricate stitching, bucket seats for sports comfort and a well calibrated center console.

The Impreza hatchback comes in various engine ratings providing its drivers with Subaru performance parts in engine sizes from 1500cc to 2500cc in higher spec cars. With price points beginning from £15,000 one can acquire a good unit for Subaru Impreza models. Visit our how it works page for more information regarding how to import a Subaru Impreza or other vehicle models to Kenya.

subaru - Top selling hatchbacks in Kenya

Audi A1 & A3; RS3


Easily a competitor with BMW and Mercedes, Audi did not hesitate in producing their line of hot hatch vehicles, combining their executive design with subcompact nature of the hatchback. With the A1 model, a hatchback that is popular in Kenya, the Audi A1 features as a small hatchback with majority of its drivers being young affluent urban buyers. Featuring a very small exterior compared to its successors in the A-series of Audi cars, the A1 come with a sporty design and featuring the signature Audi aesthetic of bold creases and LED lighting for both the head and taillights.

The interior of the car is versed with a well populated centre console and visually sleek and clean gauge clusters. Comfortable bucket seats and options for 3-door and 5-door gives buyers variety for obtaining an entry level hatchback from the Audi range. The A1 comes with engine ratings varying from 1200cc up to 2000cc, with diesel and petrol options. Some engine options also are available turbocharged, providing drivers with a mid-performance rating engine powerfully driving the small vehicle in a comfortable sports suspension. With price-points from £15,000 one can easily source and acquire an A1 model.

audi a1 - Top selling hatchbacks in Kenya

A3 & RS3:

Superior in hierarchy compared to its A1 predecessor, the Audi A3 is another top selling hatchback in Kenya. Manufactured and marketed as a small family subcompact executive car, this hatchback provides more space and practicability when compared to the A1 model. With its entry level unit being a 5-door 5-seater model, and having a longer body span provides drivers with a larger hatchback than the A1 and a drive experience to match.

The interior design features the natural aesthetic of Audi to use neutral colors and well-trimmed cotton or leather seats and interiors, with aluminium lined dashes and cluster gauges. Front-engine front-wheel drive dynamics form the drive train of this vehicle giving its buyers a clean Audi driving experience.

With engine ratings from 1800cc to 2500cc, the Audi A3 comes with inline 4 engines as well as having turbocharged options in some variants. Price-points for this car begin from £15,000. Visit our Contact page to reach us for more information or general inquiries on how to import your Audi to Kenya.

audi a3 - Top selling hatchbacks in Kenya

Volkswagen Golf & Golf GTI variants

The Golf is a very popular and top selling hatchback in Kenya, with its reputation holding similar to that of the Subaru Impreza. This hatchback is popular on Kenyan roads as a daily runner and also very popular among the sports car enthusiasts. This is because the Golf in its GTI variants and even stock options, provides ease for customization and addition of performance grade parts to the car.

From the 7th generation of the model onward, i.e. 2012-current, the Golf features a 2000cc turbo charged 4-cylinder engine with an available performance pack. The Golf comes in drive systems accommodating for petrol, the GTI, and diesel, the TDI.

The exterior of the golf features a simple and minimally creased hatchback shape, with an aesthetic appeal to the VW design of LED headlights and taillights. The interior of the golf features a comfortable and well stitched cotton lining, with bucket seats in the front row for sports comfort. The vehicle also features a roomy 2nd row. This vehicle comes at price-points from £10,000. Import a VW Golf with UK RoadRunner Ltd today.

golf - Top selling hatchbacks in Kenya

Honourable Mentions:

The above form the top tier range of the most common hatchbacks on Kenyan roads today.

We’ve included the below models as honourable mentions of SUVs common to the Kenyan and East African Market:

  • Nissan Tiida; Nissan Note
  • Toyota Auris; Toyota Vitz
  • Mazda Demio
  • Honda fit

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