Exporting/Importing Cars to Kenya

Exporting/importing cars to Kenya is easier than you think. Finding a comprehensive and experienced team that specialises in the job can prove to be extremely helpful when you have to get the task done. Whether it is new or used cars, you can opt for tailor made packages that are in tune with your budget and requirements.

UK RoadRunner is one such spot from where you can easily export/import cars to Kenya from UK. However, there are a few regulations that you need to adhere to as below:

  1. The age of the vehicle should not go beyond 8 years and its date of manufacture and first registration should be no more than a year apart.
  2. The vehicle should be presented for inspection by the Kenyan government agency QISJ at the right time and should have a minimum of 4 months MOT.
  3. The car must be a right-hand drive
  4. The vehicle presented for the inspection will undergo physical and mechanical checks. In order to go ship the car, it must successfully pass the checks.
  5. The reading of the odometer must be consistent with the documented mileage.

Once all these points are covered, you can seek all the necessary advice from the panel of experts that you turn to. You would also be required to present several necessary documents i.e. original logbook, bill of lading and inspection certificate to clear your car through customs when it gets to Mombasa port.

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