What Clients Say

testimonial pic - Dr. Collins Odote , Nairobi Kenya

Dr. Collins Odote , Nairobi KenyaNovember 2018

‘I started looking for a car in the middle of 2016. A friend of mine referred me to Frank of UK RoadRunner. I had many questions concerning Mercedes Benz. Frank was very patient with me throughout the process...
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testimonial pic - Peter Njuguna, Nairobi Kenya

Peter Njuguna, Nairobi KenyaNovember 2018

‘I have always wanted a vehicle from the UK but unfortunately I didn't have an idea how to get one. One day I liked the UKROADRUNNER Facebook page (https://www...
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testimonial pic - Eddie Mallit, Nairobi, Kenya

Eddie Mallit, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

'My experience with UK RoadRunner was excellent. Frank was very friendly, helpful, and honest! He worked with me on my purchase and helped to negotiate for me a great deal on my new SUV. He went further and gav...
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testimonial pic - Polycarp Onyango ,Nairobi, Kenya

Polycarp Onyango ,Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘Most reliable service. UK RoadRunner has supplied me with three Vehicles so far in excellent condition and at awesome prices. They have also delivered service kits just in time, awesome. I shall always buy f...
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testimonial pic - Duncan Onduru

Duncan OnduruNovember 2018

‘I was importing a vehicle for the first time from the UK to Kenya and was quite apprehensive on how to go about it and particularly which agent to use. At the time, there was news on a number of high end veh...
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testimonial pic - TM Nairobi, Kenya

TM Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘Two months after moving to Kenya, I decided to import a car from the UK. I didn't know any car import agent, so I searched up online and UK RoadRunner popped up. I sent them an email and got a swift response...
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testimonial pic - Brian Otieno ,Nairobi, Kenya.

Brian Otieno ,Nairobi, Kenya.November 2018

‘I wanted to buy a Land Rover Discovery and saved up just enough to buy the vehicle. I sourced for one locally and I couldn’t get what I was looking for. I talked to a friend who had previously used UK Road...
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testimonial pic - Lydia Chela , Nairobi, Kenya

Lydia Chela , Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘To Frank and the entire UK RoadRunner! I must say that your professionalism, dedication and customer focus is highly commendable!   I am grateful for your facilitation and subsequent delivery of my Mercedes...
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testimonial pic - Sam Anyona , Nairobi, Kenya

Sam Anyona , Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘UK RoadRunner was recommended to me as a reliable and straightforward partner in procurement of vehicles from the UK. We received our VW Touareg in excellent condition. The extras procured (space saver sp...
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testimonial pic - Gatuku D, Nairobi, Kenya 

Gatuku D, Nairobi, Kenya November 2018

‘I would like to appreciate the excellent customer experience I received from UK RoadRunner when shipping my car from the UK to Kenya. It was a high quality and personalised service delivered by Frank and the...
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testimonial pic - LA, Nairobi, Kenya

LA, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘UK RoadRunner simplified the process of purchasing and importing a car to Kenya from the UK. Frank was extremely helpful, provided useful information, and was very responsive. I highly recommend UK RoadRunne...
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testimonial pic - Joel Njue, Nairobi,Kenya

Joel Njue, Nairobi,KenyaNovember 2018

‘A token of appreciation for the good Job UK RoadRunner did in facilitating the identification, verification, collection and final delivery of my car to Mombasa. I must say the car is as fantastic as you had ...
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testimonial pic - Nick Mutogoh, Nairobi, Kenya  

Nick Mutogoh, Nairobi, Kenya  November 2018

‘I wanted a small family car, my first car. I had a small budget too. After searching online and reading through testimonials and various reviews, I finally settled for a European manual model preferably a VW...
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testimonial pic - Gregory Ohanya, UK

Gregory Ohanya, UKNovember 2018

‘UK RoadRunner provided me with a first class door to door vehicle export service. I highly recommend their services to anybody undertaking to ship vehicles to Kenya from the UK. Additionally, their recomm...
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testimonial pic - Simon Gaitara , Mombasa, Kenya

Simon Gaitara , Mombasa, KenyaNovember 2018

‘I want to say a "big" thank you for exemplary service I received from UK RoadRunner! I got the car from the depot last Saturday and it is exactly as you had described and more! The car drives very well an...
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testimonial pic - Andrew Aggrey Awilly

Andrew Aggrey AwillyNovember 2018

‘My journey towards owning a German machine was a long one. Initially, I wanted a Passat or Mercedes. I was not so sure of the car I wanted. But later own I was introduced to this fine gentleman who speak...
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testimonial pic - Edward Chege Waweru, Nairobi, Kenya

Edward Chege Waweru, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘Being the saving Kenyan I am, as a rule, I do not buy cars locally and always go the importation route. This can be very tricky because you do not get to see the car and test drive it yourself. In the past I...
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testimonial pic - Serah Njeru - Wachira, Nairobi

Serah Njeru – Wachira, NairobiNovember 2018

I bought my Mercedes C Class through UK RoadRunner, the process was pretty straight forward from helping me identify the vehicle, pre-shipment checks, payment, shipping and eventual clearing in Mombasa. It was ...
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testimonial pic - Jacci Ngigi,  Nairobi, Kenya

Jacci Ngigi, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘I must admit, being Kenyan and all and especially after the horror stories I’ve heard concerning fraud in the Motor industry, I was apprehensive to place my trust in a stranger to source for me a Vehicle. ...
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testimonial pic - Lucas Kosen, Nairobi, Kenya

Lucas Kosen, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘I met Frank of UK RoadRunner through a mutual friend over lunch. In a span of 18months I moved from a Subaru Outback, to an Audi and finally a Mercedes (which I settled for). I put in hard demands on colour,...
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testimonial pic - George Okumu, Kabul, Afghanistan.

George Okumu, Kabul, Afghanistan.November 2018

‘I work and live in Kabul – Afghanistan. A friend and a colleague introduced me to Frank who runs UK RoadRunner. That colleague was importing his second vehicle from UK using UK RoadRunner. In November 2...
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testimonial pic - Isaac Watkins, Mombasa, Kenya

Isaac Watkins, Mombasa, KenyaNovember 2018

‘From the day I contacted UK RoadRunner, Frank attended to my various requests without tiring until I found the right vehicle. He then kept me updated on every step of the shipping process of the unit till it...
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testimonial pic - Jacky Amenya, Nairobi, Kenya

Jacky Amenya, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘We found out about UK RoadRunner on the net as we sought a vehicle to import. From when we made the connection till the car was delivered, the experience can only be described as very professional. Frank per...
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testimonial pic - Musalia Kihamba, Nairobi, Kenya

Musalia Kihamba, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘I purchased a Volkswagen Touareg through UK RoadRunner in July 2014. The experience was simply amazing and very professional. It started from me providing personal specifications and preferences. I got an ar...
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testimonial pic - Duncan Maina, Nairobi, Kenya 

Duncan Maina, Nairobi, Kenya November 2018

‘I recently imported a RAV 4 from UK through UK Roadrunner. I loved their customer service; they consistently kept in touch with me (both emails and phone) during the identification and selection process. The...
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testimonial pic - Clement Onyango, Nairobi, Kenya

Clement Onyango, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘At first I was sceptical about importing a car owing to numerous negative stories, my view of this was however changed with very professional handling by UK RoadRunner in terms of what I wanted. Frank won th...
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testimonial pic - Jesse Wambugu,Nairobi

Jesse Wambugu,NairobiNovember 2018

‘I recently imported a car through UK RoadRunner and it was overall a very good experience. This was my third imported car in the past two years and the UK RoadRunner experience cannot be compared to the pre...
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testimonial pic - Mary Maina, Thika, Kenya 

Mary Maina, Thika, Kenya November 2018

‘My experience of importing a car from the UK was simply amazing, I acquired an Audi Q7 through UK RoadRunner and sure enough it was painless. Frank did all it took to have the car shipped to Mombasa within t...
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testimonial pic - Keith Gretton, Nairobi, Kenya.

Keith Gretton, Nairobi, Kenya.November 2018

''Working with UK RoadRunner to buy a car in UK and transfer it to Kenya has been a real pleasure. The service has been fast and efficient, and I was kept informed of progress every step of the way. RoadRunner ...
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testimonial pic - Nick Bateman,Nairobi, Kenya

Nick Bateman,Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

“I’d like to thank you for a great job! You guys took away what would have been a very considerable amount of pain, time and effort in getting the car from UK to Kenya for me that was a great relief. I w...
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testimonial pic - Jack Omoro, Nairobi,Kenya 

Jack Omoro, Nairobi,Kenya November 2018

"This letter is long overdue and I just wanted to thank you for the 2007 Nissan Navara double cab which I'm thoroughly enjoying. Your expertise in car purchase and commitment to providing seamless, painless en...
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testimonial pic - Chrisant Kaloki, Nairobi, Kenya

Chrisant Kaloki, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘I greatly appreciated UK RoadRunner services, professional and customer focused. I will definitely use your services again anytime. Excellent Services!’ Chrisant Kaloki Executive Director Logisti...
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testimonial pic - Celestine Wamiru, Nairobi, Kenya

Celestine Wamiru, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

“I imported my Ford Focus Sport car and a Suzuki Burgman maxi scooter in March 2014, and I have UK RoadRunner to thank for making me such a proud owner of these two beautiful machines.  I must admit I was a ...
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testimonial pic - E Wekesa Mukuusi

E Wekesa MukuusiNovember 2018

‘Awesome experience, from vehicle identification to physical check-up while still at UK showroom to the procurement of the same, taking it for mechanical evaluation and taking care of the few minor fixes that...
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testimonial pic - Verah Moraa, Nairobi 

Verah Moraa, Nairobi November 2018

‘Buying my BMW X3 from UK RoadRunner was a really smooth experience, I appreciated the honesty of the management and the fact that there were no surprise or hidden charges, the cost of the car as per the adve...
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testimonial pic - Jacob Otsyula, Nairobi, Kenya

Jacob Otsyula, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘I used Roadrunner to import my Mercedes E280. I received excellent personal attention. Good and relevant information flow. Wonderful customer care, in relation to the vehicle condition, things to be done pri...
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testimonial pic - Paul Kyule M.

Paul Kyule M.November 2018

‘I absolutely cannot say enough about my wonderful experience with UK ROADRUNNER. If someone had told me that buying a car could be painless and easy I would have laughed but Roadrunner proved otherwise. I pu...
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testimonial pic - Harry Ndirangu

Harry NdiranguNovember 2018

‘I am probably one the most qualified to attest to and vindicate Roadrunner UK's trustworthiness, honesty and professionalism in acquisition and exportation of motor vehicles from UK. I stumbled on Roadrun...
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testimonial pic - Robert Nyanchoga, Nairobi, Kenya

Robert Nyanchoga, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘I met Frank through a mutual friend some years back and he introduced me to Roadrunner as a sourcing company for quality vehicles. I sourced a Discovery 3 HSE through Roadrunner in May 2013. Frank let me ...
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testimonial pic - Patricia Malili, Nairobi, Kenya.

Patricia Malili, Nairobi, Kenya.November 2018

‘Importing my superb Mercedes E220 through UK Roadrunner was a fantastic EXPERIENCE….. Let me break it down, when I first made contact with Frank the experience begun to unfold!  He responded with speed, t...
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testimonial pic - Edward Denge

Edward DengeNovember 2018

'I have a wonderful BMW X3, thanks to Roadrunner. I could not have chosen it better if I was the one on the ground. I was very specific about the car I wanted and very lucky Roadrunner was there to do the leg w...
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testimonial pic - Nelson Warambo, Nairobi, Kenya

Nelson Warambo, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘Roadrunner provided me with a very high quality and personalised service. There was constant feedback and update every step of the way. In summary, I will use their services again. I highly recommend them' ...
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testimonial pic - Gideon Gonzi, Nairobi, Kenya.

Gideon Gonzi, Nairobi, Kenya.November 2018

‘It was a worthy course dealing with Roadrunner from sourcing to the final shipment of my vehicle. The process was above board and what I liked most was the constant feedback on how the entire process was unf...
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testimonial pic - Richmond Ogutu, Nakuru, Kenya

Richmond Ogutu, Nakuru, KenyaNovember 2018

‘I bought a VW-JETTA via UK RoadRunner and was very well informed of all the models available including performance, fuel consumption, reliability and the safety of the cars. It took me exactly 30 days to get...
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testimonial pic - Andrew Kang’ethe, Nairobi, Kenya

Andrew Kang’ethe, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

‘My experience with Roadrunner is one I can describe in four words SPEED…. In a record 7days we identified a vehicle I liked, Roadrunner were able to inspect the vehicle, do a background check, purchase/pro...
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testimonial pic - Shaddie OBUNGA

Shaddie OBUNGANovember 2018

‘I sought to import a BMW X5, having imported all my previous vehicles Ex-Japan, I needed advice from someone with Ex-UK importations experience. I was referred to UK Roadrunner...I quickly contacted staff an...
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testimonial pic - A Mola, Juba, South Sudan

A Mola, Juba, South SudanNovember 2018

'When the thought of importing a car went through my mind, I had a negative opinion based on what I have heard from various people. However, when I met RoadRunner, I was impressed with the information provided ...
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testimonial pic - P Mbagaya

P MbagayaNovember 2018

'Swift and hastle free vehicle importation....! It definitely gives you a peace of mind sure that your investment is safe'. P Mbagaya Director Versacorp Investment Limited...
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testimonial pic - Nicholas Mwilu, Nairobi, Kenya

Nicholas Mwilu, Nairobi, KenyaNovember 2018

'Importing my Mercedes Benz E270 through RoadRunner was simple and straightforward just as it had been recommended. I have subsequently used RoadRunner to source reasonably priced spares for the car. Efficient ...
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whychoose - Sam Anyona, Nairobi, Kenya

Sam Anyona, Nairobi, KenyaJuly 2018

‘UK RoadRunner was recommended to me as a reliable and straightforward partner in procurement of vehicles from the UK. We received our VW Touareg in excellent condition. The extras procured (space saver sp...
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whychoose - Christine Ambetsa, Nairobi, Kenya

Christine Ambetsa, Nairobi, KenyaJune 2018

I imported my Lexus RX300 from Roadrunner UK in December 2012 and I had such an amazing, hassle and stress-free experience, receiving excellent customer service from the time the unit was identified to the time...
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whychoose - George Okumu, UNAMA Afghanistan

George Okumu, UNAMA AfghanistanMay 2018

‘I work and live in Kabul – Afghanistan. A friend and a colleague introduced me to Frank who runs UK RoadRunner. That colleague was importing his second vehicle from UK using UK RoadRunner. In November 2...
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whychoose - C Charo, Nairobi, Kenya

C Charo, Nairobi, KenyaApril 2018

  'I would like to acknowledge and appreciate the quick and reliable process done by RoadRunner through Frank in facilitating the acquisition of two Mercedes Benz cars and one Prado within three months,...
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